Zenicor today

Zenicor is now one of the leading players in the Nordic region in the diagnosis of arrhythmia and stroke prevention.

Sales have also been initiated in Germany and the UK. Zenicor’s customers consist of cardiology clinics, stroke clinics, medical clinics, paediatric clinics, clinical physiology clinics and private clinics.

The system is currently marketed directly to clinics by the company’s own staff in the Nordics, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In new markets such as the UK, there is now a well-established partnership with Business Sweden, which helps with market introduction and initial sales efforts.

Further development of the system, training, technical support and service are primarily the tasks of the company’s own staff. Product manufacture is outsourced to the medtech-certified Swedish company Orbit One.

Zenicor is currently engaged in a close research partnership with leading researchers at Karolinska Institutet. Such partnerships have also been established in several international markets with research teams in the fields of stroke prevention and atrial fibrillation. There are currently around 15 published studies in which Zenicor-ECG has been used and evaluated. Also, around 20 studies are in progress and will be published over the next few years.