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Arrhythmia investigations in children in Uppsala, Sweden

The cardiology clinic at the University Children’s Hospital has been using Zenicor-ECG since 2004, and the method is one of the examinations available for arrhythmia investigations.

“In cases of an uncertain arrhythmia anamnesis, Zenicor-ECG is the first choice”, says Anders Jonzon, Paediatric Cardiologist, University Children’s Hospital, Uppsala.

Arrhythmia investigation at Sahlgrenska, Sweden

The Cardiology Lab at Sahlgrenska University Hospital has used Zenicor-ECG for arrhythmia investigation since 2007. The method is well established and used by all arrhythmia doctors as an investigative method.

“The method is being used more and more frequently. Zenicor-ECG is a handy device that requires minimal effort to use,” says Helene Axelsson, BMA, Cardiology Lab, Sahlgrenska University Hospital.