Had atrial fibrillation without knowing it

Stina Ringman is one of many hundreds of thousands of Swedes suffering from atrial fibrillation. She doesn’t know how long she’s had an abnormal heart rhythm. It wasn’t until she was 75 and was called in for an examination that the abnormality was detected.

Stina Ringman was surprised when she found out she suffered from atrial fibrillation. She had never experienced any of the symptoms that are otherwise common: palpitations, irregular heart rhythm, shortness of breath, swollen legs or dizziness.

“I was given the chance to use Zenicor-ECG for two weeks. I was loaned equipment by my healthcare provider and was able to take daily measurements at home. It was quick and extremely easy compared to having to go to the hospital at regular intervals to take an ECG.” Why she should suffer from atrial fibrillation is something of a mystery.

According to her, she lives a healthy life, doesn’t smoke, isn’t overweight, eats a balanced, healthy diet and takes long walks every day. Today, Stina is being treated with an anticoagulant that lessens the risk of blood clots and stroke.

“I’m glad that I was called to the hospital and got the chance to use Zenicor-EKG; I’m afraid that the fibrillation would not have been detected otherwise,” she says.