The history of Zenicor

Zenicor Medical Systems AB was formed in 2003 in Stockholm and since the start has focused on the remote diagnosis of arrhythmia.

Together with researchers from Karolinska Institutet, an initial system was developed for simple ECG registration outside the hospital, connected to a web-based service for ECG interpretation. This system was introduced to the market in 2004. The product immediately attracted attention among Swedish cardiologists, which lead to a number of rapid orders from reputable hospitals. With lessons learned from this initial product and feedback from the market, in 2010 Zenicor was able to launch a proprietary device with improved functionality and automatic ECG data transfer via the mobile network. At the same time the new web-based service (The Doctor system) was launched with a large number of new functions to simplify the diagnostic work of care providers and make it more effective.

The partnership with Karolinska Institutet has also involved validating the scientific efficacy of the method and to create an offering with obvious medical benefit. The partnership with prominent researchers has been crucial and has strongly underpinned Zenicor’s success.

Originally, sales were made in the Swedish market through the company’s own sales organisation with great success. In 2007 an export campaign was launched in collaboration with Business Sweden, which assisted with market analysis and initiating sales activities in export markets. In recent years the company has been successful in its efforts to build up its own international sales organisation.

In 2011 Zenicor was designated ‘Medtech Company of the Year’, an award presented by trade magazine Medtech Magazine and the organisations Leading Healthcare and Invest Sweden.