Thumb ECG case description in the Swedish medical newspaper Läkartidningen


An article in the Swedish medical newspaper Läkartidningen shows intermittent ECG recordings are more effective than 24-hour Holter ECG.

This article describes a patient case where the patient is investigated with both thumb-ECG and 24-hour Holter.


Here you can read a summary of the article, for full article in Sweidish, click here,


Many patients suffer from palpitations or dizziness/presyncope.
These patients are often referred for Holter ECG (24 hour), although the sensitivity for detecting arrhythmias is low. A new method, short intermittent regular and symptomatic ECG registrations at home, might be a convenient and more sensitive alternative also suitable for primary health care. In this case report we present a patient who had contacted health care several times during a seven year period for paroxysmal palpitations. Routine examination with 24 hour Holter ECG and event recorder did not result in a diagnosis. Using intermittent handheld ECG registration at home, a paroxysmal supraventricular arrhythmia was diagnosed. Further investigation revealed that the patient had a concealed Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome.


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