10 – 12 April

Kardiologisen seuran kevätkokous, Helsinki, Finland

17 – 19 April

25:th Swedish Cardiovascular Springmeeting, Gothenburg, Sweden

24 – 26 April

SFAM, Swedish Congress for General Practitioners, Uppsala, Sweden

6 May

Kardiologisten hoitajien koulutuspäivät (Training days for cardiologist nurses), Jyväskylä, Finland

16 – 17 May

Kliinisen fysiologian hoitajien koulutuspäivät, Helsinki, Finland

Zenicor invests in Finland

Today Sanna Bellhammar took up her post at Zenicor as the person in charge of the Finnish market. Sanna, originally a specialist nurse, has worked in medtech for over 10 years.
We warmly welcome Sanna to Zenicor.