6 May

Kardiologisten hoitajien koulutuspäivät (Training days for cardiologist nurses), Jyväskylä, Finland

14 – 16 May

Vitalis, Gothenburg, Sweden

16 – 17 May

Kliinisen fysiologian hoitajien koulutuspäivät, Helsinki, Finland

14 – 15 June

AEPC Teaching Course on Paediatric Arrhythmias, Helsinki, Finland


Zenicor opens office in Germany

In order to continue with and expand its initiative in Germany, Zenicor has opened an office in the capital, Berlin. Susanna Strååt is being hired […]

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Published: 2014-04-22 14:46
Published by: zenicor
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Athenapriset gives honourable mention to thumb ECG

By identifying patients with atrial fibrillation using a thumb ECG device, it is possible to reduce both suffering and costs to society due to stroke. […]

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Published: 2011-12-12 15:08
Published by: zenicor
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Zenicor Medtech Company of the Year

In connection with Swedish Medtech’s CEO day, MedTech Magazine presented the award for Medtech Company of the Year 2011. Jury’s motivation: “A golden example of […]

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Published: 2011-10-01 15:07
Published by: zenicor
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